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About Us

Dignifying traditional work and love for the planet.


Inspired by personal values and deep respect for the Earth. We believe that aesthetics, handcraft and sustainability could go hand in hand. The art of the traditional combined with the use of ecological materials in minimalistic accessories make of ARTIGIANO the right place for those who wants to live a sustainable life, taking care of the planet without losing their style. 



ARTIGIANO collaborates with communities of artisans around the world who use sustainable resources in their products, making possible the connection from manufactures to consumer.   

By working together to build a product, artisans empower their communities and preserve traditional craftsmanship, promoting region and local heritage. Each ARTIGIANO product tell the story of a whole community of artisans and enhance their socioeconomic status. 

Being grateful by taking care of the planet is our responsibility and today is possible using products that are being designed under a sustainability umbrella. ARTIGIANO manufacture and gathers products created with ecofriendly materials from artisans bringing them closer to the change makers that look for, and lives a sustainable style.

In ARTIGIANO we strongly believe in a society where human rights are valued, and cultural traditions are preserved, for us it’s important that the manufacturing of our products is made in a way that is not damaging the planet — transparency in all process is essential to us.   - TEAM ARTIGIANO

Leon, Guanajuato Mex

Belts and wallets

Zacatlan Community

Exclusive Ocoxal Buckle

Guanajuato Mex

Bracelet and wallers