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Having perfect skin is possible!

With the threat of global warming and other environmental concerns caused by the impact of agriculture, people are consciously making the transition from animal skin to vegan skin. What started ten years ago as a small movement to reduce carbon footprint is making its way into the hearts of a significant number of people. It's not hard to understand why many are now choosing vegan leather products over animal leather. Every year, the leather industry slaughters billions of animals, and most of them are slaughtered in countries like India and China, with non-existent or weak animal welfare laws. Animals are grotesquely abused and inhumanely slaughtered, and for what? So that we can adorn our feet and bodies with their skins. In addition to these abuses, there are also known environmental risks related to greenhouse emissions. Deforestation in the Amazon is a controversial issue now to clear space for cattle.

Fortunately, people are becoming more and more aware of what is going on in the industry. Thanks to animal welfare advocates such as Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, Oprah Winfrey, Charlize Theron, Jenna Jameson, Roselyn Sanchez, Eva Mendes, Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and the talented Stella McCartney who pioneered her 100% vegan luxury brand, people are shifting their purchasing preferences to cruelty-free fashion items made from recycled polyester, ethically sourced wool and organic cotton instead of leather and animal skins.

When it comes to vegan leather goods, Artigiano brand founded with a mission to create quality garments that exemplify effortless elegance and ultra chic Italian style has stepped up with a series of beautiful, versatile and ethically designed vegan belts and wallets. Cactus leather and natural fibers, is what makes up our collection; Free of tanning and pollutants that harm our oceans, Artigiano's vegan accessories are revolutionizing fashion with the best of their eco-friendly alternatives.

From November 19 to 22 we will have a 20% off on belts and wallets made of cactus leather. USE CODE: togetherfortheplanet

More than ever, people need to understand that their purchasing preferences have a massive impact on their carbon footprint. Vegan leather should be considered more than just an "alternative" to real leather. It should be embraced for its beauty and its contribution to the environment. Next to real leather, you can't tell the difference anymore, and it's also much healthier for your wallet and the planet, so why choose one that promotes cruelty?

Many are in search of the perfect skin without taking into account that perfection is in understanding what surrounds us.
There are skins of different textures and colors, each one tells stories where love is what truly connects us.

A perfect skin is authentic, pure, without complexes, it is conscious, it knows how to live with freedom.

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You may not realize it, but there is great power in our hands. When we shop, we can either contribute to healing the world or harming it. Wearing vegan items shows that we respect the lives of other species and artisans alike as well as care about the next generations. If you are still hesitating to buy vegan leather goods, don't think about it, do it, because you will be contributing to making the world a better place while looking spectacular.

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