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The Eco fashion - A conscious alternative to save the planet

We may consider that we have changed a lot and our technological advancement has made us different from our ancestors. But did we really change in a good way? We did flourish in every industry but what about the fashion that we do and what we call the trend. Our modern and fashionable trends are the reason that led to the killing of many animals around the world. Leather is one of the most luxurious and demanded fashionable items used in so many things and people just love it. So, how are we better today than our ancestors who lived on everything organic. 
We can still improve ourselves by living on the ecofriendly fashion which is no doubt the same as leather. The vegan leather provides the same benefits and looks to you. So, one can easily enjoy a sustainable fashion and look good with no harm to the environment and animals. As human beings, we should know that due to leather in the past so many years we have been damaging our environment. China and India are the top suppliers of cheap leather around the world due to their low labor rates. 
How leather is killing the environment.
The first process involved in making leather is tanning which can cause serious damage to the environment. The first threat is the disposal of all the solid and liquid waste which contains harmful chemicals used in mummifying the skin. The disposal can contain hairs, blood, and meat, etc. It is also leading to severe situations of water pollution as the flesh, hair, and poop of animals is mixed into the water while disposing of. These things contain a huge amount of chromium. Plants and crops need a small amount of chromium and when the seawater or land water is mixed with this disposal it can cause the killing of sea animals and damage of crops. Due to this, cancer in animals is today increasing on a daily basis.  Because of our own luxurious demand, we have disturbed the food chain completely causing an increase in pollution and killing of animals. 
The leather making process is killing its makers.
Due to the dangerous process involving acids and bases, the environment becomes critical for the workers. Due to the blood and different solvents on the floor workers can fall and slip. As there is a huge amount of chromium in the environment at such places, workers can face severe respiration problems that can even lead them to death. 
There is no doubt, that due to the increase in making leather we are facing more Cancer patients daily. Usually, these people are part of such activities or live near such places where the disposal happens. This is not what the world is about and we really do need to ensure a sustainable lifestyle. How we can make that happen? The answer is simple that we need to move to vegan leather products that are made with eco-friendly materials. Because of this simple act, we will be able to protect our environment and the animals who don’t need to suffer anymore.

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