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Time to make room for vegan leather accessories in your wardrobe

Sustainability is the new trend in the fashion industry bringing many new styles under the spotlight across the globe in the last couple of years. Be it designers switching from traditional leather to vegan leather or brands investing in research on bio-leather, everyone is hopping on to the vegan trend. Increased awareness of sustainability and consciousness among consumers can be experienced. Celeb endorsements like Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, and Serena Williams have added to the popularity of sustainable fashion. Witnessing the increasing demand for sustainable accessories, more and more brands are coming up with vegan options to choose from.

Can leather be vegan and biodegradable?

The word leather always relates to animal slaughtering. However, with advancements in technology, the term leather has come to encompass creations made from pineapples, mushrooms, cork, apples, mangoes, and even cactus. Cactus leather is the latest innovation in a sustainable fashion. It is basically a material made from the leaves of the nopal cactus. Now coming to the question that whether the leather can be vegan and biodegradable, the answer is a big YES. Cactus leather is an organic and partially biodegradable material that is versatile enough to be used for furniture, fashion, and even car interiors. The answer to the question of how environmental-friendly can cactus leather be is it may result in a 32 to 42 percent reduction in plastic waste if incorporated into major production lines of different industries. And, about 20 percent savings in water consumption. Going for planet-friendly cactus leather is a viable alternative to both animal-derived leather and traditional vegan leathers, which can be made either from highly toxic PVC or slightly less harmful but still problematic polyurethane.

Vegan leather accessories – a few must-haves for your wardrobe

Well, it is time for you to make some room in your closet and replace your leather accessories with some cool and trendy vegan leather accessories:

  • Vegan leather belts
  • Sustainable wallets
  • Cactus leather shoes
  • Vegan cactus leather bags

There is a solid reason that eco-leather has surpassed its four-legged counterpart in durability, touch, and sustainability. If you are looking for some cool vegan leather options to add to your wardrobe, then check out the collection at - A store inspired by nature and empowering change. For any queries, feel free to drop a mail at Join the sustainable fashion industry by adding some masterpieces to your wardrobe.

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